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Since 2006. H.art focuses on the development of managers; raising their competency to a higher level, and improving company processes.  Our goal is to improve the operational workings of companies and, with that, to increase productivity, ease of business and satisfaction, which is then reflected in increased profits.  

We achieve this by working directly with managers, HR sectors, in-house course leaders, or by introducing systematic HR solutions into companies. We do this through development projects, which are composed of training, coaching, HR consultations, assessments of the company and its employees, team building, selection...

H.art team is consisted of 10  experienced consultants and associates from Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece and Bulgaria (psychologists, engineers, economists, managers), each expert in their own area of HR consulting and company development. The team also operates under the name Blanchard Serbia as an agent of Ken Blanchard Companies programmes for the development and training of managers.

Whether our clients are large multinational companies, small local firms, or individuals who come to us for their own professional training, we offer every client a dedicated approach tailored to their specific needs.

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