If you want to increase the quality of business, profit and satisfaction, whether you are a big multinational company, medium or small enterprise, start with our development project - the only approach, wich combines assessment, HR consulting, coaching, training and monitoring, provides long-term growth and enhances the success of the company.

Situational Leadership II

Now, more than ever before, people have to work faster and better by using less and less resources. Because of that, development of employees in a company is now a huge potential for making competitive advantage. Tasks which are well structured and delivered in a proper way lead to better productivity and satisfaction of people working on them. In that way, employees and employers as well, are growing in the same time, in the same direction. By giving well defined tasks that could be done independently by employee, we are decreasing the level of stress and creating more time to work on important things and focus on priorities. Read more

Team coaching!

Do you want your team to use all of its capacity, reach maximum performance and build a healthy atmosphere? Team coaching helps you develop full potential of your team, and each team member is motivated to give his best - not because he is forced to, but because he wants to. Team coaching raises the efficiency and effectiveness of the teams tohigher level, recognizing a shared vision and team values. Team becomes more than a group of individuals - team becomes unique force whichstrives towards common goals. Find out howRead more about team coaching in our article

Simulacija poslovanja Sim Tim

Business simulation!

From May 2016 H.art has become accredited partner of the Sim Team business simulation, which is used as a training and assessment tool all over Europe. The simulation puts the participants into the real business situations that ask for quick and appropriate decision making in order to provide the survival and good position of the company on the market. The participants are divided in teams and take roles of General, HR, Sales and Financial Manager. The simulation is easily adjustable to different types of companies and training needs, and it also can be used as fun and useful team building activity.
Read more about the Sim Team business simulation...