The goal when coaching a client is their independent functioning within the area that they wish to develop.

Team coaching

The whole team of one organization gets the opportunity to work out and visualizes their collective goals, as well as to look into steps they need to take to achieve their vision.


The most effective and effective way to improve the skills and knowledge of employees for achieving goals.


Individual coaching

One on one coaching offers the most efficient and effective way to improve the skills and knowledge of employees. By answering the coach’s questions, those being coached (coachee) reach by themselves solutions to the challenges they face.
We recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve their best in relation to clear business goals or some area of skill. We tailor our coaching by using the most appropriate method, be it cognitive behavioural coaching, Erikson’s, NLP, Gestalt and Transactional. We also offer this service in English, face to face or over the phone and/or Skype.
It is our practice to agree on coaching goals together with either the supervisors of the participants or with HR.
As the majority of coaches have many years’ experience in management skills the discussion with the client is sometimes used as a combination of coaching and mentoring.

Group coaching

During group coaching individual development needs are also worked on, however this is done amongst a group of people with similar coaching chalanges and goals. All participants benefit from hearing the views of others and from helping and supporting one another.

Team coaching

During team coaching, the whole team from one company or organisation is approached as one. Participants work on their collective goals and challenges. Through this, the aim is to become independent and functional enough that they can go through future challenging situations as though there is a coach next to them. In these workshops, it is not unusual to work on visualising a common goal and understanding the necessary steps needed to realise that vision. Participants are then united in their resolve to take the agreed steps.
Unlike group coaching, where the optimal number of participants is three to six, for team coaching it is sometimes the case that there is a larger group. In that case, it is recommended that the dominant methodological approach is a structured open conversation in groups, in other words a ‘World Café’ and ‘open space technology’. That means that certain questions and themes are placed at a number of ‘stations’ in the space, and so participants have the opportunity to circle the discussion and understand things that are important to them in certain areas.

Training coaching skills and creating coaching and mentoring systems

We also offer companies the opportunity to develop their internal resources through training managers in coaching skills and implementing internal coaching systems, either through the empowerment of selected "internal coaches" from managers, employees, or HR (most often HRBP).
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