Characteristics of our trainings are high level of interactions with participants and awareness of the need to apply what is learned, in practice.


The list of trainings is not exhaustive, and every training is adapted to the specific needs of the client.


We believe that the secret to success of every good trainer is a love of the job they do and a focus on the client.


Characteristics of our trainings are high level of interactions with participants and awareness of the need to apply what is learned, in practice.

razvojni projekti trening

Specificity of our training


In the needs assessment phase, before the creation of ‘in-house training’, we take into account the clear strategic goals for the company and specific development goals for the participants.


In order to achieve the maximum impact, we insist on two-way communication and interaction. In this way, we can then further clarify needs that arise during the training itself.


As well as adopting new concepts, various aspects of the skills are carefully practiced; not only through the use of case studies, role-play and simulations, but also with real examples provided by the participants. As a result, sometimes this approach is seen more like group coaching through workshops rather than traditional teaching.


Just as there are mandatory tasks in preparation for the training, we discuss ways to implement what is learned from training sessions in practice with the participants (i.e. homework).


The programme is led by experienced consultants with many years of experience, both in their work as trainers and in the applied skills on which they advise.


These training sessions are most often part of the wider development project, in order to ensure the successful attainment of long-term effects. Either the coaching or every subsequent training session is used as a follow-up to the previous training theme. Either the supervisor of the participants or the client are then given suggestions on how to maintain the effects of the training.


Different aspects of the skills developed are linked to different business and leadership skills, which the participants have or need to develop.


Even two-day training can have over four stages:

  1. task preparation,
  2. day 1 of training,
  3. tasks for applying knowledge gained in practice,
  4. day 2 of training,
  5. tasks for practice,
  6. „the follow-up“ meeting (i.e. group coaching) to assess the effects, establish improvement and provide support for further development, and a meeting with the supervisor,
  7. the application of what was learned to everyday work.

List of training held

Key leadership skills

  1. Understanding management roles and business (business simulation)
  2. SLII® Blanchard Serbia
  3. Delegation of tasks
  4. Employee development
  5. Employee motivation and motivational leadership
  6. Feedback
  7. Team Leadership Blanchard Serbia
Leadership-specific skills

  1. „A first-time manager“ Blanchard Serbia
  2. Managing managers
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Coaching
  5. Mentoring
  6. Building trust Blanchard Serbia
  7. Leading through change
  8. Conducting meetings
  9. Raising employee involvement and initiative
  10. Selecting and introducing a new employee
  11. Corporate culture building
  12. Optimal motivation Blanchard Serbia
Employee performance management skills

  1. Performance expectations: Responsibilities and goals
  2. Development goals and development plans
  3. Monitoring, reporting and controlling performance
  4. Performance evaluation
  5. Discussion for performance management
Skills for personal efficiency and productivity important to leadership roles

  1. Self motivation, initiative and dedication at work
  2. Managing stress and balancing different aspects of life
  3. Time management
  4. Decision making and problem solving
  5. Adapting to change
  6. Self leadership Blanchard Serbia
  7. „Six hats“:Creative thinking and structured facilitation
Communication and relationship skills

  1. Constructive conversation and assertiveness techniques
  2. Emotional intelligence of leaders
  3. Influencing (advanced communication skills)
  4. Managing conflict
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Negotiation
  7. Internal communication and team or company relationships
  8. Internal/external client care
  9. Legendary service Blanchard Serbia
Other skills

  1. Training the trainers and facilitators
  2. Project management
  3. Talent management
  4. Career management
  5. Strategy and tactics of human resources
  6. Managing your own productivity and motivation in working from home
  7. Manage the productivity and motivation of people who work from home
  8. Conducting 1-on-1 online conversations with employees
  9. Online communication internal and external
  10. Conducting online meetings
  11. Keeping the team (that works from home) together
  12. T4T for virtual trainers

Training The Trainers (TTT) holds open and in-house training for trainers. These training sessions can have a focus on a specific topic or the whole training process: from the assessment of development needs, through to creating, realising and monitoring training sessions and maintaining the effects of the training.

Experience has shown that TTT offers clear return of investment. Just one training has the potential for scale endlessly within the organisation. In addition, offers the chance to create any training from the repertoire, which are passed on to the company’s internal trainers through thematic training for trainers (whether that is the training created for our clients, our training for, or Blanchard-accredited training), and they can then hold the training sessions for their employees as long as it is needed. also conducts training for people whose job it is to organise internal development and training in the company, giving them all of the necessary knowledge and tools.

Open workshops sessions

These are most often organised on request from our clients who do not have enough participants to form a group for in-house training on certain subjects.
We will then organize an open workshops session for them on the chosen theme, and we will also invite our other clients.
Participants then have the opportunity to be introduced to the work of other companies, and to exchange shared experiences. Click here to see the latest list of our open workshops. 

Training room and Blanchard Serbia have their own training room in their offices in the heart of Zemun (next to the river Danube), with a capacity for 12–15 participants (when sat in a circle) or up to 30 participants (when the chairs are arranged as in a lecture theatre). When a client uses our organisation training services, all of the equipment needed for the training is provided in addition to the training room, as well as refreshments and catering. We believe that the secret to success of every good trainer is a love of the job they do and a focus on the client.
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