H.art organizes virtual trainings for clients through an online platform with the aim of providing participants with the opportunity to interact with a consultant and other participants, while following the training from any location via their phone, tablet or computer. The client chooses the desired level of interaction (chat, survey, writing / drawing on a slide, oral discussion), also controlling whether they want to be heard or seen (microphone, camera). Usually three two-hour sessions with intervals of a few days are equivalent to a one-day F2F training. All existing H.art and Blanchard topics, as well as new ones suggested by the clients themselves, can be organized in this way as well. There are several options:
  • Coaching - up to 5 participants, an oral discussion through which all participants work on their "topic" in parallel and benefit not only from questions and advice coming from the facilitator but also from other participants
  • Training - up to 16 participants, the trainer gives theoretical inputs to the participants and leads the discussion and gives various exercises that can be used in practice (similar to F2F training)
  • Webinar - up to 100 participants, most of the input comes from the trainer, while the interaction with the participants is possible through chats and answers to the survey, where they can ask questions and influence the course of the session.


H.art has a database of created eLearning courses that participants can attend via computer, tablet or phone at their own pace from any location. The combination of video clips, articles and textual materials, as well as the alternation of inputs, tasks and knowledge quizzes, enables the participants to maintain attention and high motivation in different phases of passing the course. Clients can choose some of the already created and tested eLearning in the Serbian language or initiate the creation of a course tailored to them in terms of content, duration, methodology. The courses are made up of sections, which represent meaningful thematic units lasting 30 minutes of effective work. Typically, a four-section eLearning, or two hours of active work (spread over a period of time) is equivalent to a one-day F2F workout. During the entire period of using the platform, participants are provided with technical support. Some of the most sought after topics are: Leadership essential, Assertive Communication, Time Management. TRY THE DEMO VERSION BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


Blanchard eLearning courses are designed in line with the latest world trends, based on conclusions from neuro-research on how people learn and adopt new information. In each course, an optimal combination of high-production video clips, interactive pdf materials, various tasks for participants, animation exercises, case studies and knowledge quizzes was created. For the same programs, there are options for very short courses (up to 30 minutes) but also more comprehensive eLearning that last up to several hours of effective work. The courses are available in English, with the possibility of making eLearning and in Serbian, on the already well-known Blanchard topics: SLII, Team Leadership, Self-Management, First Time Manager, Building Trust. FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


The EDUardo business simulation allows participants to learn in a unique and fun way - through running a virtual company. As the name suggests, their greatest value in learning or assessment is the simulation of complex aspects of business and management that happen in reality, which is why it "targets" many competencies at the same time. The participant makes a series of decisions, and at the end of each month receives a report on how the decisions made have affected the company's operations. There are various modules that are already created, such as: Leadership skills, Crisis management, Online business management, Factory management and many others; and the simulation is customizable, so clients can suggest their own topics. There are two main goal of usage:
1) one-time in the form of a (facilitated) workshop
2) as eLearning - in which, in addition to the simulation, video clips and other learning materials are available to the participants. It can be used individually or in a group / team, when it is even possible for participants to do business simulation in the same market and thus compete with each other. The duration of going through the simulation ranges from two to four hours on average, and depending on the goals of the application, it can last longer than that. TRY THE DEMO VERSION BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


SimTeam is a team business simulation in which participants, divided into teams of 3-5 members, run virtual companies. In doing so, each team member contributes from a different role: HR, sales, finance, leadership, strategy. If more than one team participates, they will compete as competitors in the market. In this way, participants gain insights into key aspects of doing business and the importance of cooperation between different sectors in order for a company to be successful. Skills such as: teamwork, communication, delegation, motivation, time management, stress response, change management, etc. are also activated. It is suitable for team building, training, kick-off or final development project, assessments,... REQUEST ACCESS TO THE DEMO VERSION BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


As H.art's basic methodological niche is a "development project", which involves a process approach to the development of competencies among participants, very often Clients in collaboration with the Consultant create the optimal combination of activities that will lead to development effects, with other eDevelopment services, such as: self-assessment before and after the program, coaching support, live training, so that it is part of the "blended learning" process.
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